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Alysha is a masters-trained Registered Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. She has experience providing nutrition education and lifestyle counseling to optimize health & physical wellness. She is well versed in diabetes management, treatment of cardiovascular disease, Celiac Disease, IBS, IBD, PCOS, pancreatic health, weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance, family meal planning, menu planning, mental health and more. Alysha has helped many individuals and professional athletes reach their nutrition and fitness goals by combining her expertise as both a dietitian and strength coach. She has also obtained culinary training at Liaison College in Oshawa, allowing her to make delicious and healthy nutritional recommendations.

As a provincially qualified OPA athlete, registered dietitian and motivational coach, Alysha lives by a personal mission to use her optimism, charisma and intelligence to positively influence others. By translating and delivering high quality, evidence-based nutritional information, she wishes to empower individual clients and groups, promoting optimal physical performance, lifestyle and nutrition care. Alysha uses her knowledge of nutrition, food intolerances and sports supplements along with her training and athletics experience to make her interventions unique, integrating many lifestyle factors into a single session.

Blogs by Alysha


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What to expect from a dietitian

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  • Honestly, hands down the best support I have ever received online! In all my years I have yet to meet a team as helpful, quick and efficient as Artbees support team, top marks! Thank you guys!

  • I have been working with Eddy for almost a year and a half now. He has given me the tools to improve my flexibility strength and overall better health. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve and get back on the court or what ever sport you wish to play. He knows how to make that happen!

    Leo Goddu

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