Aneta MorgaFitness Specialist


    Aneta is passionate about fitness and wellness, and she firmly believes in connecting the mind, body and soul. Her goal is to help others achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle through regular exercise, establishing healthy eating habits and mindfulness based coping strategies.
    She believes that maintaining harmony among all aspects of life–physically, mentally and emotionally–is necessary to accomplish any goal, whether that is to gain strength or improve your state of mind. She sets out to empower others through this connection by coaching them to attain control over their bodies and their lives.
    Her philosophy is graceful strength, mindful movement and a connection to your body. She focuses on correct alignment, which in turn alleviates pain and improves mobility. Fitness and exercise are more than looking a certain way. Exercise is about achieving a new level of confidence with your body and your movement. Exercise needs to increase an individual’s energy and capability both physically and emotionally, so that optimal strength and functional movement patterns can be achieved to improve the quality of day to day life.
    Aneta provides attentive and expert coaching, with a driven and focused attitude towards her clients’ success! Through creative programming, Aneta pushes her clients to believe in themselves and achieve what they thought was initially impossible. Fitness and health are an ongoing lifestyle change, with every step positively influencing an individual’s overall wellbeing. She’ll help you work through patterns and habits and allow you to meet your own specific needs and goals. Because her passion goes beyond fitness, she is able to inspire and motivate others to realize their potential in becoming a healthier, fitter and best version of themselves!


    • CPR A
    • Pilates Mat Certificate – East to West Yoga and Pilates
    • Running Mechanics and Protocols – Body Harmonics
    • canfitpro Personal Training Specialist
    • BA Linguistics – York University
    • Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design – Humber College
    • Honestly, hands down the best support I have ever received online! In all my years I have yet to meet a team as helpful, quick and efficient as Artbees support team, top marks! Thank you guys!

    • I have been working with Eddy for almost a year and a half now. He has given me the tools to improve my flexibility strength and overall better health. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve and get back on the court or what ever sport you wish to play. He knows how to make that happen!

      Leo Goddu

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