An athletic boxing workout incorporating martial art punches & kicks to help improve cardio, strength, speed, aerobic & anaerobic power, agility, flexibility & hand eye coordination.
Suitable for those with some fitness experience.
KWCAgility Fusion
Burn calories while becoming a stronger, leaner, more powerful version of yourself. This class will focus on high impact movements designed to push your limits for maximal results in minimal time. Let our experienced trainers guide you safely through sport-specific drill and exercises that are designed to target all major muscle groups in your body.
Suitable for those with some fitness experience.

An intense full body workout the moves quickly between calisthenics exercises like pushups, jumping jacks, crunches and other body weight exercises. Train with a small group and take on weekly challenges that will take your body to its limit! Bootcamp sessions run on a 12-week cycle each season.
*Registration required – registration fees may apply, check with individual clubs for details.

Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing is a martial arts based class focusing on kicking and agility drills. It will be a high energy conditioning class including skipping, kicking, footwork drills etc. All levels are welcome!!

Fit 4 Fighting
Join Cardio-Go’s ex-Military Paratrooper, Ronny Cowan as he turns this session into part self-defense and an all over hardcore workout! Take your daily stresses out and punch your way to a fitter more confident you. Be prepared to sweat!
Suitable for all fitness levels .
145K,SP, KWC

Based on Capoeira, this class puts mind/body in motion with a high energy choreography. The class has a focus on cardio-vascular movements emphasizing core balance while strengthening and toning hips and legs.
Suitable for those with some fitness experience.

Ginga (Capoeira)
A one-hour class set to South American dance beats, a Ginga Fitness class gives you a fun and full body workout in 4 stages: Warm Up, Dancing and Ginga High Impact, Ab/Core strengthening and High Energy Cardio Dance, Cool Down and Flexibility and Stretching.
Suitable for those with some fitness experience.

Ronny Cowan
Fitnes Specialist, 145 King Street

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