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Cardio-Go’s mission is to aid in the creation and maintenance of active, healthy lives on the go. Our Clinicians are on site and an integral part of our team. They work together within the Health Center, as well as with our personal training team, to turn injuries into physical success stories and to make even our healthiest of clientele better. At Cardio-Go, Movement really is treated as Medicine.

So, what sets Cardio-Go’s clinical services apart?

Cardio-Go Massage services are unique in that patients are treated in one-on-one treatment sessions in the clinic and on the gym floor and given the undivided attention of their practitioner(s). This clinical approach not only maximizes the care provided in each treatment session, but also permits a higher degree of customized care.

No Membership Required! We happily welcome all of our community to our clinics; membership or no membership.

Come in, call, or email to see and experience the Cardio-Go difference. We look forward to seeing you on the road to recovery and your personal best!

Alysha Coughler, Dietitian

Alysha is a masters-trained Registered Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. She has experience providing nutrition education and lifestyle counseling to optimize health & physical wellness. She is well versed in diabetes management, treatment of cardiovascular disease, Celiac Disease, IBS, IBD, PCOS, pancreatic health, weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance, family meal planning, menu planning, mental health and more. Alysha has helped many individuals and professional athletes reach their nutrition and fitness goals by combining her expertise as both a dietitian and strength coach. She has also obtained culinary training at Liaison College in Oshawa, allowing her to make delicious and healthy nutritional recommendations.

As a provincially qualified OPA athlete, registered dietitian and motivational coach, Alysha lives by a personal mission to use her optimism, charisma and intelligence to positively influence others. By translating and delivering high quality, evidence-based nutritional information, she wishes to empower individual clients and groups, promoting optimal physical performance, lifestyle and nutrition care. Alysha uses her knowledge of nutrition, food intolerances and sports supplements along with her training and athletics experience to make her interventions unique, integrating many lifestyle factors into a single session.

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Dietitcian ServicesCloseInitial Assessment (1 hour):

Assessment of lifestyle factors, including medical history, current dietary patterns and preferences, supplements, allergies, stresses, medications, relevant blood test results, training habits, activities and diet history. A review of goals will be conducted to better direct each custom plan. Areas requiring improvement, barriers to change and limiting factors will be identified. Nutrition guidelines, meal recommendations and additional resources will be provided.

Follow-up Sessions (30-45 minutes):

Assessment of progress and modifications to inital recommendations will be made. Discussion of challenges encountered and methods to overcome barriers will be central topics of focus. Recipe and meal prep recommendations may be discussed depending on lifestyle. All nutrition questions and concerns will be addressed, and ongoing support provided.

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