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Hey Classpass Person!
Welcome to Cardio-Go and thanks for choosing one of our classes for your fitness and fun. We hope you'll choose to GO with us lots!
Please register below so that your first visit into Cardio-Go can be even easier. We need this information simply to hold a liability waiver (don't sue us if you slip and fall) under your profile. Please call us or email us if you have any questions or thoughts as to how we can make your visit as great as possible!

Greater Toronto Area: 416.913.9123
Ext. 1: 145 King | Ext. 4: King West Club

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3 visit/class pass

Welcome to Cardio-Go and thanks for coming! We hope you feel really comfortable here for your stay. Please let us know if you would like towel service, a locker to rent, or any of our other services to support your health while you are here. We're happy to be a partner in your care!