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200 Front St W
Toronto, ON
M5J 2N1

Hours of Operation:
• Monday – Friday 6:30am- 8pm

Created to be an improved version of the Cardio-Go small but mighty club model Cardio-Go Simcoe Place opened in January 2010 at the corner of Simcoe and Front to care for those downtowners west of University. Path accessible, the facility is incomparably convenient, and offers everything its customers will need for an quick and effective work out that fits into the work day. Building on the success of Cardio-Go’s experience at 145 King, Simcoe Place has all the amenities that make it’s original facility successful but also a private studio, more free weights, and a small clinic space for clinical care such as Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic.

• Strength training Free weights and cables
• Entertainment enabled Cardio equipment like treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, steppers, rowers, and novel new creations like Precor’s AMT.
• Towel Service
• Clinical services such as Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, orthodics, and more.
• Changerooms with private showers, soap/shampoo/lotion, lockers, and hair dryers.

Contact Us for membership rates and information.

    Fitness Specialist, Simcoe Place, 145 King

    The sign-up buttons will appear 3 days prior to a class being offered and will be removed 3 hours before the class starts. If the sign-up button is not present in that window for that class, the class may be full! Please call our front desk for any further questions.













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