Locker Rental Portal

Please note the following points regarding the rental of lockers at Cardio-Go

  • We’re super happy that you’re settling in and making yourself at home!
  • All Locker Rentals are Monthly and only require 7 day’s notice to cancel
  • Once the monthly fee has been processed the rental is fixed for the next 30 days
  • Cardio-Go is not responsible for any loss or damage of or to articles left within the locker
  • Cardio-Go Clients are required to bring their own lock, though locks may be available at the front desk
  • Once the rental agreement has been made the Cardio-Go client is to go into their facility and select their preferred locker
  • The Cardio-Go front desk will need to record what locker number belongs to your rental
  • Please allow 7 days for any locker cancelation request to be processed
  • No cancellation is complete without a confirmation email from Cardio-Go verifying that the cancellation is received and processed

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145 King, KW & 700U



KW & 700U

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