Membership Freeze Request

We are NOT taking freeze requests until we reopen. If you have any questions please email us.

Membership Freeze Portal
I verify that my membership is in good standing without any past due amounts owing *
I verify that I will continue to honour the monthly membership fee commitment as agreed upon in my membership agreement following the freeze *

* 7 days notice is required prior to the 1st of each month in order to set up the freeze. Monthly drop down starting with the next month. If the date is within 7 days of the 1st, the following month is the next month. * If any payments are past due, a freeze will not be authorized until the account is balanced.

* All other payments for services other than membership will not be frozen with this portal. Please contact the front desk for any more information.

* Once this request is sent, a receipt email will be sent to the client. Please keep this email as proof of the freeze request should there be any problems with the freeze being set up correctly.

Noticed required for freeze *

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