What is OHM @ Cardio-Go?

OHM THERAPEUTICS is a simple and effective method of applying Ohm Tuning Forks to the physical and energetic body, including acu-points, trigger and reflex points, bone, muscle, and tendons to help tonify Qi, move stagnant energy and relieve pain.


A fast-paced class linking breath with movement. Good for strength building, increased flexibility and stamina, and an overall improvement of circulation. Recommended for those with some experience.

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Core Flow provides a wide variety of movements in all different directions to strengthen the multiple layers of the core muscles. A class usually begins with mindful breath work and grounding, a series of core strengthening exercises, strong and powerful vinyasa, and some balancing and/or standing poses. This class provides students with an opportunity to strengthen their abdominals and build muscles that will improve their posture, transitions between poses, and protect the lower spine from injury. Variations are given to accommodate various levels of students.

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