• Yasmine Mucher Fitness Specialist

    For the past ten years, Yasmine has worked in several gyms and studios across Canada, doing everything from group fitness instruction, aerials and acrobatics group and private classes, and personal training.

  • Nick Keogh Fitness Specialist

    Knowing the importance of conditioning, he lived in the gym with the aim of trying to improve his strength and cardiovascular levels. Nick continued this pursuit and became very active in martial arts, starting with karate, kickboxing and then moving into Muay Thai Kickboxing – in which he has been training vigorously for the last 18 years.

  • Steve Chambers Fitness Specialist

    He’s simply had and developed a knowledge of how to improve one’s overall well being through mind and body, and practices what he preaches.

  • Donnita De Freitas Fitness Specialist

    She is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, helping others to develop their self discipline, confidence and overall self esteem through all walks of life.

  • Holly Goldsmith-Jones
    Holly Goldsmith-Jones Fitness Specialist

    She believes if you can find an emotional connection with the process of training, there’s nothing that can hold you back.

  • Maxim Lionchuk Fitness Specialist

    Emphasizing form and function, Maxim creates effective and individualized fitness programs for his clients. Concentrating on mastering the basics first, Maxim will guide you towards more advanced exercises, ensuring safety and proper execution. An attentive trainer, Max will work with you to achieve your fitness goals and create lasting results.

  • Pavel Martchenkov Fitness Specialist

    Being healthy and active has always been a priority for Pavel. As a coach and a competitive gymnast from an early age and currently competing in Latin dance, Pavel is familiar with how to structure workouts and motivate his clients to reach their absolute best.

  • Karina Blanco Fitness Specialst

    There is no greater feeling in the world than setting a goal, creating and executing a plan to reach it. Karina firmly believes that healthy living leads to happiness and fulfillment in life.

  • Cassidy Janzen Fitness Specialist

    From a young age Cassidy had a passion for musical theatre. Recently that passion has led her to the two loves of her life, health and fitness.

  • Matt Zasidko Fitness Specialist

    From fat to fit, Matt took his weight into his own hands. He took the initiative, and on his own, lost 60 lbs in just a year.

  • Tony Tam Fitness Specialist

    Whether 1 on 1 or in a group class environment, Tony Promotes a fun and safe way to becoming a fitter you by providing simple instruction and ongoing support.

  • Marcia Plummer Fitness Specialist

    Marcia Plummer is a Certified Instructor, Professional Dancer, Amateur Bodybuilder and a program coordinator.

  • Sarah Bangs
    Sarah Bangs
  • Dee Simpson Fitness Specialist

    As a zealous, life-long adventure traveler and volunteer – with overriding passions for helping others and anything active in the great outdoors – Dee leapt into her fourth career, as a fitness professional, at a time when most are slowing down!

  • Anthony Whitney Fitness Specialist

    Anthony is a personal trainer/fitness consultant through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) focusing on designing and implementing strengthening, athletic conditioning and weight loss programs.

  • Ashton Nemdhari Fitness Specialist

    Fitness has always been a passion of Ashton’s from a very young age. Growing up always playing sports, and then later playing football in University and studying Kinesiology, he has an extensive knowledge about fitness and nutrition.

  • Tyler Chan Fitness Specialist

    Tyler comes to Cardio Go with a diploma from Humber Colleges Fitness and Health Promotion program. He is certified as a Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) through Canfit Pro.

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