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    From fat to fit, Matt took his weight into his own hands. He took the initiative, and on his own, lost 60 lbs in just a year. With a new body and a new outlook on health, Matt wanted to see just how far he could push himself and his newly developed fitness. So in 2010 he decided to join the Canadian Forces Army Reserve, and is still an active infantryman with the 48th Highlanders of Canada.
    As the Army pushed Matt through many demanding fitness competitions and intensive training around the world, his passion for fitness grew. He decided to make his knowledge official and graduated from the Humber College Fitness and Health Promotion Program and became a Certified Personal Trainer. Since then, Matt has successfully trained many people from all walks of life has become both nationally and internationally certified with many Fitness and Health organizations. He is also a provincial level Boxing competitor with the Ontario Boxing Association. He’s very technical and fun when it comes to his coaching, and prides himself in combining the scientific principles of fitness and un-orthodox exercise methods inspired by the Military. You’ll always catch his clients with both progress and a smile. Matt’s specializations are fat-loss, muscle development, mobility and joint health, boxing and athletic performance.


    • Certified Trainer–Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP)
    • Qualified by–Assess Correct Train assessment protocol (ACT)
    • Qualified by–Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC)
    • Qualified by–Ontario Society of Health and Fitness (OSHF)
    • Certified Boxer–Ontario Boxing Association (OBA)
    • Graduate–Humber College: Fitness and Health Promotion
    • For me what makes Matt a fantastic trainer besides his knowledge and capability as a trainer, is that he has the biggest heart and he truly cares about his clients. I have been boxing with Matt for about 2 years now and I cant believe how much stronger I am from training with him.

      Erika Pompili
    • I've been working with Matt for roughly two to three (2-3) years. He has been a constant professional and has provided the motivation, knowledge and expertise in helping me achieve my fitness goals. His approach has worked very well for me, offering me balanced workout routines coupled with details on the nutritional changes I need to focus on. He has a very positive and nurturing disposition, yet is able to strongly encourage and lead his clients to challenge and push themselves to reach their goals. I have seen and continue to see results and definitely contribute a lot to Matt's teachings with respect to my own personal change.

      Daniel Moses
    • Matt is a great trainer. He really takes the time to find out your goals, and develop a highly personalized plan to help you achieve them. In my case he is helping me recover my strength after an injury, and I am seeing results after only 4 sessions. Thanks Matt!

      Alex Pacheco
    • He is very knowledgeable in what he does, and my body have transformed since I started working out with him. He also is very good at managing unexpected injuries. He is able switch the planned workout moves on the fly in the case of soreness or injury and still make the 1-hour session count. I never had any problems with him in terms of scheduling as well. He was very flexible and understanding of my busy schedule all the time. I'm not sure what to add to my answer it would be easier for me to fill a questionnaire for your evaluation. However I had a great experience with Matt and CardioGo during my time working out. I'll be away during summer but will definitely come back on September to keep working with Matt.

      Deniz Bayraktar
    • Matt has been my trainer for over three years. He is a committed ,dedicated professional who strives to make his clients excel in their workout goals. Although the workouts are intense ,Matt always makes it fun and interesting! For Matt, these are more than workouts, they are life skills we will use for the rest of our lives!

      Kate Bradeen
    • I have worked with a lot of personal trainers. Matt has both the temperament and knowledge to be a great trainer. I want to be active and fit. As someone who is dealing with injuries- my greatest fear is reinjuring or taking a step backward. He works hard to understand the bio-mechanical implications while helping to gain strength and improve. He pushes but is encouraging and he is engaged the entire time. (who wants their trainer checking text messages?) He works hard to understand your limits, but gets you working in the improvement zone. I have worked with him for over 18 months. Best trainer I have ever worked with period.

      Bryan Walkey
    • Matt has been dedicated in working with me to ensure that l am training with a safe and successful routine to produce the desired results. He put me through graduated stretching to increase my flexibility, agility, strength and core strength. Matt created various custom routines that challenged me. They helped build upon my abilities and confidence. I listened to him in-depth and updated him often to keep me on track without any setbacks or injuries. Matt adapted routines to keep the progress going forward, continuously challenging my limits. With Matt's friendly, inspiring, motivational and focused attention he made every workout challenging with improved recovery time each and every time. As much as workouts were going to be painful and grueling, I was often disappointed when they were over. I found myself looking forward to the next workout, knowing I would only have to dig deeper. There were times we talked about nutrition, food consumption, rest and working out on my own. Everything Matt did was very well rounded and balanced. All I had to do was show up, follow his instructions and answer his questions. January 2019 I achieved passing the PARE test at 4 minutes and 30 seconds, beating the required passing time of 4 minutes 45 seconds. I believe I passed because of the personal training Matt Zasidko provided. I wanted to pass onto to you my achievement but more importantly that I was successful only because of the motivation, dedication, and commitment Matt provided to helping me achieve my goal. Thank you for your time. Jason

      Jason Hanson

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