Nathan ScottFitness Specialist


    Nathan played many sports while he was growing up, but his favorites were lacrosse and rugby. He found the practices weren’t enough to satisfy him, so he began training in his spare time to become faster and stronger. This drew Nathan into the gym, where he discovered the physical benefits of resistance and cardiovascular training. After realizing what he could do for himself, Nathan was inspired to share his passion for fitness with others, so he enrolled in the fitness and health promotion program at Humber College. The most important thing Nathan took away from the program is that increased physical activity can not only improve your physical performance, but also it can reduce health risks for cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and many other illnesses. Nathan wants to share this knowledge and help anyone he can to reach their goals. He believes it is better to teach a client how to build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, than to simply show them how to execute an exercise routine. Nathan is dedicated to helping people enjoy healthy, happy lives.


    • Humber College Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma
    • First Aid & CPRC
    • I think Nathan is great! I've tried three trainers in Toronto and he's the only one who has kept me on track. I am pretty fussy; I had an amazing trainer in Nova Scotia so that didn't help! However, he has me on a program that is very appropriate given I am brutally out of shape and four years older than I was when I worked with that trainer!

      Laura S Barrett
    • Nate was the first personal trainer I've ever had and he really drove home the value of having someone there motivating you and making sure that you're working out smart and safely. I gave him my goals and he helped me work towards them to great results. I continue to work out and use all of the things he taught me and I'll always be grateful to him for helping me start living a healthier, and more fit life.

    • Kendrew Lee

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