Nicole KawalezSpin Instructor


    Nicole is very much a “Jill of all trades” – having studied Contemporary Studies and Public Relations in school, working in multiple industries from Fashion to Event Planning/MCing, she is now a full time actor and model and a major advocate for health, fitness and wellness. Studied CanFit pro and trained in Revkor. Currently on her own fitness journey for some upcoming roles, she has always love to incorporate Spin in her routine and loves the workout and the energy that the group class brings. “Spin is a great way to shut-off your mind and really focus on pushing your body further each time”. She likes to bring positive, inclusive energy to her class while motivating and pushing her students harder each time they come. “I love to see my students really go for it and get stronger and faster with each class they take- its really rewarding to see those types of improvements”. A fun fact about Nicole is that she is a healthy dessert baker- making treats for herself and friends that have no added sugar while still satisfying the sweet tooth she always had. She may even share some of her recipes with you- only if you earned it working hard in her class!

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