Jenna GlattFitness Specialist


    Jenna has worked at various gyms and boutique studios over the years as a fitness trainer and coach. As an advocate for health and fitness, Jenna thrives on helping others along their fitness journeys by providing a safe, encouraging and fun environment for everyone to achieve their fitness goals. She takes pride in helping to give others the confidence and encouragement they need to make their health and well being a priority. The success and comfort of members and clients is of great importance to Jenna. She values getting to know about each and every member and their individual goals being able to motivate and be a source of positivity and encouragement along the way. Jenna takes her own health and fitness very seriously and has led an active lifestyle by being involved in various sports and dance for most of her life as well as being an avid ‘gym – goer’. Her background includes; HIIT and team training, bootcamps and cardio kickboxing.


    • Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS), CanFitPro
    • CPR/AED
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