King West Club

266 King St West,
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1H8
416-913-9123 x4
[email protected]

 Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am – 4pm

College & University

700 University Ave,
Toronto, ON
M5G 1X6
416-913-9123 x4
[email protected]

(SW corner of College & University)

145 King Street

145 King St West

Toronto, ON
M5G 1X6
416-913-9123 x1
[email protected]

(SW corner of College & University)

The Virtual Club

266 King St West,
145 King St West,
700 University
& anywhere else you want to workout with us!

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If you have any questions please call or send us an email.

As our Flagship, The King West Club is Cardio-Go’s Toronto Pride and Joy. In a beautiful heritage building, the space features exposed brick, beam, and ductwork to make it the ideal downtown environment. Like Cardio-Go itself, the space is unique and exciting and inspires activity. A Cardio-Go club since Summer of 2010, The King West Club has become not only the centre for Cardio-Go in Toronto but also a focal point for downtown Toronto’s fitness scene in general. If you know an elite trainer in the city, chances are he or she works out of The King West Club, and look no farther than here to sample many of the cities newest trends and fitness ideas. Ever heard of Gingaderra or Arial Yoga? Well Cardio-Go has and it’s offered at The King West Club. Lastly, Cardio-Go really does deliver on it’s promise to help it’s members live an active healthy life on the go with this space- come here to also recieve the best Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, or Massage Therapy the city has to offer; all registered and covered by insurance.

• Strength Training- machines, free weights, and cables
• Cardio pieces like rowers, treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, bikes, and uniques pieces like the Jacob’s Ladder.
• Spin classes offered everyday (morning, lunch, and evening classes available)
• Studio classes- Yoga, Strength/Tone, Ab Attack, Gingaderra, Cardio Fusion, Fit4Fighting (kickboxing), Bootcamp, etc.
• Clinical Services- Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Orthodics, Acupuncture, myofacial release, and more.
• Towel Service
• Changerooms that include, private showers, soap/shampoo, lockers, saunas, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards, and more.
• Great Trainers, Instructors, and staff!

The Cardio-Go prototype, 145 King opened in January 2007, and is the quintessential small but mighty club for quick workouts (and cardio) on the Go. Come to 145 King and find a facility that is greater than its size will imply. Located directly on the path at the South East corner of King and University patrons stay loyal to this facility for its convenience, incredible team of experienced Trainers, and the ability for them to get the maximum fitness value out of the limited resource of time.

• Free weights and cable strength training
• Entertainment enabled cardio pieces like Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers, & Bikes
• Personal Training- Assessments & intro’s are complimentary!
• Towel Service
• Classes (again small but mighty! Think group personal training!)
• Changerooms with private showers, lockers, soap/shampoo, hair dryers, etc
• Friendly professional staff that act as your guide and concierge for your fitness and health!

3 great ways to join us at College & University

* All classes are held in Cardio-Go’s new Studio located on the concourse of 700 University beside the food court.


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