Marcia PlummerFitness Specialist


    Marcia Plummer is a Certified Instructor, Professional Dancer, Amateur Bodybuilder and a program coordinator. She has a diploma in fitness and Nutrition, she is Mrs. Eastern Ontario Bodybuilding Champion. She has worked at various health clubs throughout the GTA and in the U.S. Marcia has appeared on stage, music videos and movies as a dancer. Her love of dance and fitness is the areas in which she can help others achieve their goals.


    • Title Holder, Miss Eastern Ontario Middle Weight
    • Brooklyn NY Bodybuilding Light Weight Champion
    • Kickboxing Certification (ACE) • 1998 Dip. Fitness & Nutrition
    • Certified Fitness Instructor (ACE)
    • Professional Dancer – Alvin Alley Dance Theatre
    • National Track Competitor – Pentathlon

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    • Exhlerating, fast pace with challenging surprise a minute activities. My body takes me where my mind never thought I could go. Love the adrenal rush. My fitness level has never been better.

      Michelle Ann Lewis
    • Marcia is an absolutely amazing lady and instructor. Her classes are a total workout but also full of energy and fun. She pushes you to do your best and encourages you along the way. There are times I feel can’t do any more reps, I’m exhausted, but I push myself to do it for her. She respects your limits and doesn’t judge you, understands injuries/ illnesses and adjusts a work out for me so I don’t feel inadequate and want to give up. She makes you believe in yourself time and time again and does so by being so inspirational, so uplifting, so motivating and so warm and kind, I enjoy coming. I think she’s an incredible lady and absolutely amazing instructor !

      Robin Thompson