The Cardio-Go Training Advantage

At Cardio-Go we strive to improve you. Our trainers are motivated as much as you to assist in getting to your goals. With three locations: King West, Simcoe, 700U and 145 King, we have ample opportunities to hit that mark and make those endorphins rock! Give us a chance and we can show you how we welcome new clients to working out for the first time or the seasoned veteran that needs that little bit of push and coaching. Take a look at our packages – as always we have managers at all 4 locations to help you in your personal journey.

Training Rates and Packages

6 Pack

Our 6 Session Package is our smallest package of Personal Training and is designed either to be enough sessions to facilitate a great start to a programme or sessions to be used sporadically for occasional check-ups. I can always act as a great taste too if you just want to test out the service!

30 mins – $50/session

45 mins – $70/session

60 mins – $90/session

12 Pack

A 12 Session package is usually a more thorough initiation to a programme whereby the user can get a really good base before moving on more independently or a package of time where the trainer can set up programmes every month or so. It’s a more popular starter package than the 6pack because generally people are able to leave their sessions with some muscle memory and a more firmly established base. It’s also a little cheaper per session!

30 mins – $46/session

45 mins – $67/session

60 mins – $85/session

36 Pack

A 36 Session package is usually more of a results based plan. In other words by the completion of the package, clients should expect measurable results. The trainer can take base line measurements at the start, and then see real measurable improvements by the end. Usually a package of this size takes between 3 and 6 months to use.

30 mins – $42/session

45 mins – $62/session

60 mins – $80/session

Meet our Trainers

Now that you have decided to work hard with us. Take a look at who is best suited to help you achieve your goals! You can book with them directly on their profiles so take a look. If you have any questions at all… feel free to connect with our managers. They can help you find the best trainer for your situation and needs.

Now let’s work!